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Ever walk into a room and it feels to thick like you could cut the air with a butter knife?  Maybe you felt that after there has been conflict, or maybe that house isn’t selling because of all the energy left behind due to a nasty divorce.  We’ve all walked in on a bad situation, and if you are the least bit sensitive, you may even feel that energy stick with you after you leave the room or house.  Uuuugg!

That is the kind of stuck energy that needs to be cleared to have a healthy happy environment.   While we may work on carrying our sunshine on the inside, meaning not affected by our environment, think about returning to the same “heavy” place day after day, when this is your safe haven and place to restore your energy.

I find that when consulting with people, their energy, their vibration to life rises,  yet the environment they live or work in, still carries the energy of their old self.  So why not cleanse the environment to match their new vibration?   I find this is a great option once a person either starts their journey, or well into it.  For others it might be a great place to start if the environment is not healthy.

This is a 3 part process, that involves the initial interview (remotely and by phone or in person if local to Calgary), then I go away and spend a few hours preparing the proper intention an alter, mantra sprays and offerings for your home.  Part 3 I return to do the actual space clearing, from bottom to top of home, and can take from 2 – 4 or more hours depending on the size and design of the home.  I use a variety of sound vibration tools (drums, bells, rattles) as well as essential oils in mantra sprays to enhance the environment.

This is an additional service, so ask for a quote if you feel this is what you need.  Of course it will depend on the size of your home and how long it takes to perform the service.


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