Usui Reiki Master

I describe Usui Reiki as Universal Energy that travels through my body, my hands to deliver right to the client.

I tell people I am not the “healer”, my job is to open myself up to allow the healing energy of the Universe (in this case Usui Reiki) to course through me, and into the client with intent they have chosen.  It is not my energy that’s being received, it’s much grander and wiser than my own.  Really a person needs to experience it to fully understand what I’m talking about.

I’ve heard it said and agree, that an hour of Reiki is like three hours of deep sleep, the relaxing effects can be that profound.  Really it’s nothing to be afraid of, basically I am there to help remove stagnant energy so the client can feel lighter and not so weighed down with life.  After removing the stagnant energy, I then fill the client with light, relaxing energy from head to toe.

The technique involves no touch, a client simply lays on the massage table, fully dressed and under a sheet or blanket.  I invite the client to follow a few breathing techniques, close their eyes, and I will do the rest.

Sometimes a client may just need an energetic cleanse in a session, so they can get back to task.  This is where the “one size fits all” approach does not work, as some are open to Reiki, some are not.  All I need to know is what the client is open too, and it’s up to them to choose what feels right.

As a coach, I provide options, and a variety of tools, including some Metaphysical ones like Reiki.

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