Crystal Healing

To explain the difference between Usui Reiki and Crystal Healing, I describe it like this.

Reiki help to remove stagnant energy and helps a person feel lighter, relaxed and ready to take on life challenges the next day and it’s affects can last for days.

Crystal healing is more involved, and for those who are tired of repeating the same cycles and never able to break free, yet willing to do the self work involved, for lasting positive results.

My experience is that Crystals act like a magnifying glass to help get to root cause by surfacing the information, either through the client (can be in form of old memories for example), or through my intuition, information is provided that is at the root of the clients concern.  Could be something that happened to us that we never knew how to deal with, so we shoved it away in our memories, and maybe years later it manifests in our body as chronic pain for example.    Could be an old belief that no longer serves us, yet we still behave as if it does.  What comes up on the table is different for each person, and based upon their intent.

The next step is to decide what to do with the information, and in most cases the client wishes to release the energetic tie “it” has, so they can move forward.  I do this work while they are still on the table.  I also “check in” while the client is on the table to see what tools can be provided to help them re-correct, or change a belief for example.

While Crystals can act as a magnifying glass to highlight a problem, and even be used as a maintenance tool, they do not magically remove all the clients problems, as they have to take responsibility for their life for it to work.  Not easy work, as not everyone wants to do the self-work necessary for lasting change, but I can say from doing it myself, the rewards are truly great.

The best part is, you don’t need to go it alone, as I am here as a Coach to help guide you on your personal journey.


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