Angel Intuitive

What is an Angel Intuitive?  Just as I described in both the “Reiki” and “Intuition” mix & match consulting services, I open myself up this time to “hear” what guidance or message is coming forward to the client.  I do this with the use of cards, and find that when I close my eyes, the information just seems to flow.

The cards are often what people need to “see” to “believe”, and I find it a wonderful way of two-way communication.  I look at prayer or talking to our Angels or the Universe, or to God, whatever it is for you (and personally I feel Angels are messengers and are here to help guide us and make things easier for us, if we are open to it), as one-way communication.  The use of cards allow for a clearer message and better understanding.

In fact at times after a Crystal session or Reiki, I am guided to pull a few cards, and typically the message is right in line with whatever information came through for them on the table.  It’s just a wonderful confirmation for the client.

Sometimes a client just needs some guidance from beyond what any textbook can provide.  Again, it all depends on what the client needs at any given point in their journey.


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