For those of us living in Calgary, it seems as if we skipped over fall altogether and went full speed into winter!
I don’t know about you, but I have to admit I’ve had a hard time finding gratitude with the weather this past week, as I feel a little cheated from skipping my favourite time of year.
Then I recall what I wrote about last time, that being “accepting what is.”   Ok you have to admit the Universe has a good sense of humour at times.  Then I got to thinking, what can you do about it anyway?
Well I discovered going to gratitude made a huge difference in the moment and in my day.
For instance, I am SO GRATEFUL to have a roof over my head as I looked out and watched the snow pour down.
I am SO GRATEFUL for the many wonderful people in my life.
I am SO GRATEFUL to soak in a big warm bathtub.
I am SO GRATEFUL I have a warm bed to sleep in, and snuggle up with my husband and yes of course the dog.
In fact the dog, our 12 year old black lab Molly has taught me a lot in how to live simple, and appreciate the small things in life, as it doesn’t take much to wag her tail.
Got me thinking about myself and is it that difficult to find something to make me smile, giggle (my form of tail wagging)?  Well it all depends on my mindset, so once again finding the smallest thing to be grateful for can change the entire vibration of the day.
I’m also grateful that Molly has taught me the power of my thoughts energetically, or vibrationally.
In going through a life challenge, I woke one morning, going over the scenario in my head and I was angry.  Well she looked at me, and got up and walked away from me.  I thought it was coincidence, until it happened again the next day.
This made me realize the power of our thoughts, and how they send off energy in a very literal way.
The first step to change our thoughts is awareness.
I think about the power of our thoughts during the day if I’m out in public and getting annoyed… I ask myself “what am I sending off, and what am I attracting as a result?”  As you can count on the Law of Attraction to be in full action.  Knowing that, it’s up to me what and how I wish to experience it.
The pearl of wisdom here is about choice.
It’s up to you whether you wish for that ripple effect to be of positive or negative, just like tossing a pebble into the water.
So next time you are not having a good day, maybe a good place to turn to is gratitude.  It’s worth a try, as what do you have to lose?  The day can only get better.
Thanks for listening to “A moment inside Rebecca’s mind.”
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