Welcome to the next season in your life. You can feel the chill in the air, and about a week ago it seemed to change within a day!

Gee isn’t that so true in life these days?  Things are just clipping along as we get used to the way things are, then poof within a moment things can change.
The challenge, is keeping up with it and learning to adapt to the new season, and fast!
I’d like to share how I’m getting through a current challenge, that’s been going on for a while.
The change in season was a clear indication that it was time to change this situation, and it started with me.
As an Intuitive Coach & Consultant, of course I have many tools that I use with clients and myself.  The toolbox continues to grow, and life is the best teacher.   Little did I know it was time to add a new tool to the list.
Just as I thought the box was getting full and covers many areas in life… then suddenly, it feels like  the Universe is saying “ok, here’s the next gift, a lesson aka challenge, and it’s a big one, so lets see what you’ve got!” and poof there it is, the challenge, the next lesson or gift aka lesson.  This is when I realized that maybe a new tool is needed, as what I knew and used was not working.
It seemed the more time went by, the more upset I got, as nothing has changed, I got more frustrated, more… sound familiar?
Well the new tool came to me “by chance” as I was reading about the Chakra’s, and found this statement that the Crown Chakra is also about “Accepting what is.”
Hhhmmm, accepting what is… then it hit me, it’s my mindset that has been upsetting me, the injustice, the, the… well you get the idea.  A person can drive themselves silly with the script in ones mind, but wait, if only I can learn to just “accept what is.”
As I entertained this idea, I realized how just thinking this way removed or at least reduced the emotion from the situation, and wow, I could get on with my life, act by choice not by emotion, instead of driving myself crazy over something I have no control.
Accepting what is.  
Not accepting what is, is like not accepting gravity, but wait, it just is we all know that.  Not accepting gravity just makes life harder, and to what end, it even sounds ridiculous right, but this is when I realized this is exactly what I had been doing.
Fighting my own gravity, instead of accepting what is.
Accepting what is.  Who knew?
Ok maybe you did, but it sure was an eye opening experience for me, and one I thought worth sharing, so you too can consider “that situation” in your life, ask yourself, “do I really have control of it anyway?”, and maybe you can consider…
Accepting what is.  Then see where it leads you.  For me, for the moment, I’m much more at peace inside.  Other days I need to remind myself, gravity, why fight it?
Please note that’s not to say you don’t take action, it only means now you can take action from a more integral place, rather than from a place filled with emotion.
Accepting what is, a big concept worth considering.  I know it’s a new tool in my life skill tool box!
Thanks for listening to “A moment inside Rebecca’s mind.”
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