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Combining Corporate & Metaphysical Skills for Customized Solutions

Root Cause Analysis

Just like in the world of Health & Safety investigation, if you do not get to root cause, you cannot find a lasting solution.  The same is true when it comes to changing any behaviour in our life.  Lets find out together what is holding you back.

Intuitive Wisdom

Much has been written about the study of human behaviour and has provided great wisdom of days gone by.  However if you are looking for ‘Infinite Wisdom” not in any textbook that is specific to you, know you have found the right place!


Once we understand what needs to change and how to change it, the work of changing begins.  Coaching and accountability are key to lasting change and transformation, and I am here to help you accomplish just that.

Intuitive Coach & Consultant

Our lovely clients

  • I know your work has helped me move forward and onwards. I think of you often and cherish all you have shared with me and appreciate the great changes I have made in my life! Sending love, lightness and a heart to heart hug! Thank you Rebecca!  

    Alicia Hunter
  • “Big hugs!  Love yew!  Thanks for all that yew taught me Rebecca!  Yew are absolutely an outstanding teacher mentor & human being!  I couldn’t have asked for a better class & I’m so happy yew came into my life!  I have been missing a soul family I never knew i had! ”    November 2016

    Anna M. Wainwright, AB
  • Through her listening, gentle guidance and being a Master with Chakra and Reiki, she was able to bring forth my true self and help me to discover my inner self. Overtime, with her guidance, I was able to overcome low self-esteem, lack of confidence and lack of self. What she has given to me is the awareness of my true being, to be more compassionate with myself, allow time for myself and taught me forgiveness for myself and others. I have continued my sessions with her, where she has become a talented life coach and I continue to learn. I will be forever grateful to her and her amazing abilities for helping me to shed my cocoon of self doubt and emerge as the true person that I am today. She truly is a life coach, teacher and a gift.

    Wendy Irwin

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In September of 2016 Rebecca retired from the Corporate world to further grow he existing business Crystal Soul-Journ.  While offering one on one sessions she realized  to have lasting effects, a more active and engaged approached is needed, hence was created.  Now Rebecca offers  to personalized coaching packages to meet individual needs.  No “one size fits all” approach.
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